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Foto © Sam Rentmeester/FMAX . 20100927 Afred Kleinknecht (TBM)
Foto © Sam Rentmeester

During 16 years a professor of economics at a technical university, I got trained in explaining economics to a non-economists audience. Occasionally I give public lectures and I contribute economics modules to MBA courses. From time to time, I am interviewed in the media or write a column.

Did you know …

… that I belonged to the minority of economists that warned against a credit crisis in the US? (NRC, 2007). Afterwards, the crisis deployed  through a different channel than I expected …

And that I was the only Dutch economist who warned (in time!) against an unsustainable credit buildup in Southern Europe? (NRC, 2008)

It was not so difficult seeing such things coming – if you were not blinded by your belief in efficient markets.